Research Groups

Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries 

    Arte e Gusto - Arts and Food


Department of Law Politics and International Studies

    Food Law, Safety and Nutrition


Department of Engineering and Architecture

    Materials Engineering Group - MEG

    Ingegneria dei processi alimentari - Food process engineering

    Impianti industriali Meccanici - Industrial system engineering

    Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Metrology

    Food Machinery Design


Medical and Surgery Department 

    Aspetti Clinici dell'Alimentazione - Studies on the biological properties of green tea catechins (EGCG), and implementation of their use for chemoprevention of cancer, neurodegeneration and cardiovascular diseases.


Department of Food and Drug

    Food and Natural Organic Compound Chemistry

    Aspetti economici, politici e gestionali della produzione, trasformazione, distribuzione e consumo dei prodotti agroalimentari - Economic, political and managerial aspects of the production, processing, distribution and consumption of agri-food products

    Igiene e Ispezione degli alimenti di origine e animale - Hygiene and inspection of food of animal origin

    Microbiology of Food and Industrial Fermentation

    Nutrizione Umana - Human Nutrition Unit

    Plant productions

    Food Technology Unit


Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability 

   Sustainable Agriculture

   Agri-food biotechnologies

   Food Analytical Chemistry

   Food Packaging

   Mycotoxicology and chemoprevention in the food chains

   Probiotics and human microbiota


Econonomics Department

   Scienze economiche e manageriali - Management and economic sciences


Department of Mathematical, Physical and and Computer Sciences 

    Gastrofisica -  Gastrophysics 


Department of Veterinary Sciences

    Produzioni animali – Production of food of animal origin

    Sicurezza dei prodotti alimentari di origine animale - Safety of the animal food chain